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International Nanome Project on Crop Plants and Veterinary Animals

The most important Machine Learning and Biology Research Project undertaking of the 21st Century



    The Big Picture




    What is INPCPVA Project ?




    What are the goals of the INPCPVA ?




    Collective nanome data from 130 crores of plants and veterinary animals? How it will be performed during INPCPVA?




    Nanome from which crop plants and veterinary animals will be collected and how it will be collected?




    Who will carry out INPCPVA?




    How much would INPCPVA cost?




    Will INPCPVA bring `quantum jump’ in the member countries?




    How would INPCPVA change practices around data sharing in the scientific research community?


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    How would INPCPVA foster ethics in biological and machine learning research?



    How would INPCPVA affect Biological and Machine Learning research in general?




    What would be the products of INPCPVA?


  • Generating novel nanomedicines from crop plant s’ and veterinary animals’s nanome
  • Generating novel fertilizers and agro-chemicals for crop plants.
  • Generating novel nanomedicines for veterinary animals and Humans (if possible)


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