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International Nanome Project on Crop Plants and Veterinary Animals

The most important Machine Learning and Biology Research Project undertaking of the 21st Century

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Members,Countries and People



  • Dr. Himangshu Pathak, DG, ICAR and Secy. DARE, GoI and his team of scientists of ICAR (both plant and animal Scientists from all over India) (India Team Leader)  
  • Prof. Sankar Kumar Pal, Emeritus Professor, Center for Soft Computing Research, ISI, Kolkata.
  • Prof. Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyaya, Vice- Chancellor, Sister Nivedita University, (West Bengal Team Leader)*.
  • Dr. Parul Patel, Group Director, SAC, ISRO and her team of ISRO from all over India. (Team leader of ISRO)*
  • Dr. Maulesh Gadani, Chief Medical Officer, SAC, ISRO*.
  • Dr. N. K. Shah, Director, L J School of Applied Sciences, L J University, Ahmedabad (Gujarat Team Leader)*
  • Prof. Debshankar Roy, IACS, Kolkata.
  • Dr. J. Sudisha, Central University of Kerala*.    
  • Dr. Nilay Kanti Das, Sagar Datta Medical College, Kolkata*.
  • Mr. Anup Gurey, Ex-Joint Director, Ministry of Agriculture, West Bengal*
  • Dr. Dipankar Seth, Veterinary Officer, Govt. of NCT of New Delhi*.  
  • Prof. Arunava Goswami, ISI, Kolkata*.


  • Prof. Vladimir N. Uversky, University of South Florida 
  • Dr. Susmita Sil, University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • Australia

  • Prof. Volker Hessel, Dean, University of Adelaide*.


  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian Ulrichs, Dean, Humboldt University, Berlin*  
  • South Africa

  • Prof. Pallab Basu, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg*.

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